Where are we going???

Well, I reckon I’m going to hell in a handcart … with only a couple of other folk with me…because once again I am bucking the trend and thinking for myself. Not only thinking but acting for myself.

I have been venturing out into the ‘real’ world for a few weeks, and if I’m really honest, in the words of the Shania Twain song ‘It don’t impress me much’…. in fact I am even more bleddy disillusioned. The last couple of years I really have been concentrating on my own well being, and from what I am seeing now, it’s just as fucking well.

Many people know that I deliberately try to avoid a lot a media hype… most of it is too sodding depressing to take on board with my own ‘problems’…. (which are trivial shite to most people, but they are MY trivial shite, and they’re important for me to deal with). But to venture out into the ‘real’ world, it seems necessary to join in, so to speak…. but what a bleddy world it is…. run by megalomaniac buffoons with a masters degree in Bullshitology... I still managed to avoid a fair old chunk of the current affairs crap, but unfortunately, no matter how hard I try, I get the endless articles and ‘truths’ shoved up in my face, whether I want them or not. A few of them are accompanied by a personal opinion…. but the rest are put up there as though they are the definitive of life…. for fucks sake can’t people form their own opinions any more?? Just read the articles/reports/whatever from ALL sources and then take what you ‘need’ from them, THEN make a comment which can be debated in a calm and civilised manner….

Ha! Calm and civilised! That often appears to be in short supply everywhere….  and what the fuck has happened to a sense of humour?? That is one thing I see is becoming a severe shortage….. life is so sodding serious…. we’ve gone past political correctness…. we’ve gone full lunacy.

An observant, witty and completely off the wall friend of mine (Ian Lawley Bell) made a comment several years ago, which has stuck with me….. “The 21st century will be known as the century of the bandwagon. The death of independent thought”…..  Says it all in a very succinct way… not in a rambling load of drivelling shite like what I write … (this bear ain’t that smart)….

We are currently undergoing a massive cultural change…. mostly down to social media… and don’t get me wrong , I embrace it, but I don’t believe it all…. unlike many of the current younger generations who cannot survive a bleddy hour without being on a keyboard, and in front of a screen of some sort …. and subsequently feeling their lives are about to end. This is despite that the same social media gives them more fucking complexes than you can shake a sodding stick at. Depression is almost at an epidemic point…. it’s no coincidence that this has escalated with the increase of Facebook/Twitter/Instagram of course.

I even found myself getting irritated on holiday because I couldn’t access social media….. until I decided it was just an inconvenience …. and better to have a drink, relax and actually talk to people…. (Note: mostly older people!)… but even this got a bit tiresome…. with politics and other topical news items wheedling their way into conversations… I really do believe we are forgetting how to be social, and not just become ‘experts’ in every fucking subject, and bore people shitless with their opinions (not that I’m doing that of course!). I have to admit with just smiling as best as possible, saying very little and moving on….

My newsfeed at the moment is saturated with sending prayers to everyone, and every animal in Australia…. (and of course I also send mine….but quietly in my own prayers)….  I don’t have to copy and paste every fucking message….nor do I have to sign every bastard petition that are endlessly posted up…. nor do I find the need to raise my political flag to be virtually torn down in rage by those that don’t agree…. I certainly don’t condone the current warmongering either… it’s all depressing enough without being made to feel useless…

A lot of the other stuff I see then goes from the sublime to the downright ridiculous…. obsessions with online shopping bargains, eyebrows that look like oversized hairy caterpillars, latest trends in phones/fitbits/headphones that cost almost as much as my bleddy monthly state pension! Many of us struggle to just pay our basic bills, feed and clothe ourselves as it is, without being made to feel a second class citizen if we haven’t got these things……

So I am spending less and less time on the social media, I’m not going to miss it, I may spend 80% of time on my own, and I won’t become a total hermit, but I am definitely going to enjoy life more….without being a depressed online junky….. and I reckon I was heading that way….I will return to looking after my own well being, which is much important than all the other shit going on in the world… I was shocked yesterday to realise that even my sense of humour started to wander off …. and I flatly refuse to let that bastard disappear! Without some humour, life is dreary and disappointing….

Maybe I’ll get trendy and try the latest Baby Yoda cocktail….. after all, the ‘experts’ are saying that Unicorns have lost their sparkle for 2020….

Yoda coctail

What the actual fuck???


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