Keep on keeping on….

In truth we rarely stay exactly where we are… though sometimes it doesn’t bleddy feel like it! At times we feel as though we are swimming against the tide, whilst trying to nail jelly to the sodding wall..

This has been my last month. It’s draining. I feel at times that I’m trapped in a vicious circle and going nowhere fast. It’s not life threatening or serious in any way …, because it’s my personal issue. I have to deal with it. Without a small stroke of good fortune, it’s unlikely to get ‘fixed’ in any way. So I have to constantly be creative in dealing with the crap life still occasionally chucks at me.

So today is the ideal opportunity to adjust my thinking. It’s a Sunday… and the first day of a new month. It’s time for a quick review of the last month, picking out the good stuff, and realising that it wasn’t that bleddy bad. But, as always the shit stuff stinks the most….

So what’s new about that?? Absolutely bugger all.. it’s the same for each and every one of us. We all have our challenges at different points in our lives. Some are much more serious than others. Some may seem ridiculously trivial to those who are maybe in a plateau of a quiet life. But it doesn’t alter the fact that they are personal mountains we all have to climb to reach that plateau …. then something or some fecker upsets the sodding apple cart, and the whole uphill challenge starts again.


But it’s great to find a window of opportunity, to look how to find the easiest route forward. And the easiest way is straight in front of you. With one step. It doesn’t matter a bleddy jot if it does nothing to solve your ‘problem’… it’s often a small distraction that can help to put things into a different perspective. It’s more about how you handle the situation you find yourself in, than the actual solving.

Yep … that sounds weird.. but life is like that. Often solutions come from a totally direction than you expected. It doesn’t mean you have to forget the route you are taking… it just means that you need to cast your eyes, and ears, around you for a distraction or an opportunity to change your thinking.

We almost all wing our way through life. Because plans are vastly overrated, though we hate to admit that shit happens… often by our own mistakes. (Or maybe that’s just me 🤔)

But today gives most people a chance to make a little effort and find what they want for the next new week and new month. The main thing is to make it move on a bit, keep on keeping on, taking a step in a forward direction, even if your not sure where you are going!

No point in stagnation.. the shit will always be there …. it is only the sodding depth that changes.

Today’s blog is brought to you by the School of Hard Knocks

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