Not my bleddy circus ….

Never actually been a fan of the circus anyway … and some people think that is odd … but why should it be? It’s all down to personal taste anyway.

It’s funny that we all have our own likes and dislikes … and in general we accept that. But having differing opinions is another bleddy matter.

I’ve been mulling this bugger over for a very long time. I’ve amused myself, got impatient with myself (and others), and drawn my own conclusions, so I need to put this bit of shite to bed…. it taken up too much of my precious time to be as lazy as fuck.

We often protest, and get offended, if someone says we are prejudiced or judgmental…. but I don’t really think there is a person alive (or dead) who isn’t either of those in some way. People through history, especially those who have done great things, have been judgemental about others who don’t see their way as the right way. What about Farraday and Tesla for instance? …. (Cue Googling) ….

There has been prejudice with race, religion, politics etc., we stick our hands up in horror about human and environmental atrocities… but often do very little to personally address the problems… because of our own personal circumstances…. and what box we fit into.

So…. (that’ll piss at least one person off – no offence boy) … we are all probably critical of most frcking things under the sun, especially if they don’t fit with own perceptions…..

I noticed recently how people, (definitely including myself!) get annoyed by various ‘trivialities’ … and put up a post on social media, usually starting with …”Why do people….?” In my case it’s grammatical issues… ie. draws instead of drawers. Ffs it’s not frcking rocket science!! Though in truth for some people it is! I should know this very well… once being married to a severe dyslexic, with his mum and son similarly affected. (It really can be genetic in some cases). The oh … up goes the cry … “use predictive text!” …. well for the average dyslexic, that’s as much use as tits on a fish …. unless you can identify the meaning (some will then say “look it up??” Now that’s just being plain bleddy silly!) Some affected folk can sound out a word… and what does drawers generally sound like?? Then there’s ‘there, their and they’re’… so I’m guilty of compartmentalising, criticising and judging people … even though I should know better! I’m as big a chuffing hypocrite as the next person.

I was really amused recently when a lovely young friend, queried why people asked really simple questions, that can easily be found out by a bit of easy research. The most responses were that people are generally too lazy to look. My bleddy hand shot up! As I am lazy a fuck… though (in my defence 🤣) I tend to be a bit cryptic or tongue in cheek about some of my questions… just to spark a debate … and to wait and see how many reply with a copy and paste from some search engine. Which usually ignites the good old competitiveness…. that ‘my answer is better than your answer!’ Which in turn fuels my curiosity …. and my opinion that Mr Google really don’t have the definitive answer to everything. Nor does Alexa, or Siri or or or ….. (we all know that Wikipedia can be edited by almost anyone to ‘correct’ us …. don’t we?? 😁🙄🤔) … Therefore, to a degree, I can accept laziness as a reason. Why do something you can’t be arsed to do, when someone else is more than willing to either show how helpful…. or clever they are. Fine by me.

But the best response was attention seeking! I personally don’t get this one … if I wanted to seek attention, I’d make sure it was something that would really get people to do a “WTF?” ….. Like “Where’s the best place to take off all my clothes for a refreshing open air streak?”…. (No … I don’t have any bleddy intention of scaring the natives anymore than I do already) … but hopefully you get my drift, without elaborating…

Once again it’s all in our own perception of how people should act. We make assumptions that most people have the same capabilities as our own. And that’s despite knowing better! We compartmentalise people much more than we realise. It’s how life is. And always has been as far as I can see…. with all my hours of sitting on my saggy arse researching a myriad of trivialities (fetish tendencies was one of my favourites by the way 🤓) … That’s when I can be bothered of course …. or I simply asked the question… and let others do the work for me … yep I’m bleddy lazy … but, being the frequently reclusive Bear that I am…. attention seeking doesn’t apply … I don’t (can’t and won’t) fit into that frcking box …

Am I bothered now? Nope… not now… dealt with that … moving onto the next life conundrum… or maybe a coffee … or a bit of nappage. All I’ve done is emptied out the head a bit. Bleddy ansum job done. My flying fuck has been appeased ….

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