What do I know?

Reckon bugger all…. and everything. Oh the paradox! We all know that for every positive there is a negative.

Science constantly endorses that… in every field… it still bleddy amazes me that many ‘cures’ are based on toxic substances …. how the hell does that work?? (No please don’t bother to try and explain….I’ll remain happy in my ignorance and stay in awe!)

Social media, where it seems that so many people live their lives nowadays …. is constantly saturated with positive mental attitude ‘memes’ …. these are great… or are they?

Back in the 90’s I read dozens of books promoting ‘positive affirmations’… from Napoleon Hill to Dale Carnegie and Susan Jeffers. I read them as a way to help build a business. To a degree I reckon I got obsessed by them…… believing my life would never be happy, or complete, without practicing positivity….

Guess what? My life still fucked up.

Yep. I helped to build that business… only for it to be taken away by someone who never read those books (in fact that happened twice! 😳🙄 … some lessons are harder to learn than others it seems). But my positive attitude certainly helped with the fallouts that ensued… but it wasn’t able to stop shit happening!

Mental health issues seem to be at the forefront of today’s modern society…. it is a very sad fact that suicides are increasing. I have my own personal philosophies on this…. having been suicidal myself, in the dark and (thankfully) distant past…. but for respect to those who have lost loved ones who took their own lives… I’m not going to publicly spout them. Because despite the fact my thoughts would ring true for some… they would upset others.

Though saying that, I do wonder, as a generalisation, if this is affected by the current obsession with creating a perfect life. Well let’s just all accept once and for all that there is no such sodding thing!! Realising that shit will always happen, and that it’s how we deal with it is the key. Using the positive mental attitude sure helps.. as long as you choose the right ones. But how the hell do we know which are the right ones?? How do you decide whether ‘to keep your own council’ … or ‘to share a problem is a problem halved’. Do you ‘think things through’ or ‘try not to overthink’?!

I can’t answer that. Because one size doesn’t fit all …. we are all unique and our needs are as individual as we are …

My life is [almost!] as good as it gets. It sure ain’t perfect … I still have to fight my demons …. though they are a lot less challenging than they have been in the past … but the buggers are still there! It’s a fact that my life would not suit everyone…. for some it would even be a fecking nightmare!

BUT (oh yes here’s the BUT) I am still learning my lessons. I am learning them for me. I know what I don’t want….. and I know what I do want …. and occasionally it causes problems … or let’s say ‘you have to break eggs to make an omelette’. 😁

I can chuck more idioms and cliches at you than you can shake a stick at. (And I have even discovered the difference between them … not that it really matters a bleddy jot).

As life will always happenand life will often get in the way….

Confused? I’ll get me coat … though that would be silly as it’s so warm …. that’s life eh?

Off to do some blue sky thinking…. have a great day 😎

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