I’m packed and ready to board the handcart to hell!

I’m going to be shot down in flames from every direction…. I can feel in in me bleddy water πŸ˜†…. but today I have seen so much shit on social media … I’m convinced that sheeples are breeding faster than I can fecking count.

I make no apologies to friends who ‘believe’ in this crap … I know it’s definitely perpetuated in all innocence…. as so many intelligent individuals are being brainwashed into thinking everything they read in the media has to be true…. because they are too busy trying to conform, that they don’t think it through. As for researching this sort of crap… you can always find the justification you search for…. someone else will have put it out there that your fears are founded….

SO….(bet someone’s grammar teeth are itching.. eh John? πŸ˜†) … are we all really that naive to think we can protect all of our personal data? Tell that to the the various government agencies, that asks us for shitloads of information, before accepting us to get a single national insurance number/passport/driving licence/state pension/benefits/doctor/dentist/voting rights/….. blah di blah… oh and then the private sector …. insurances for every bleddy part of living our lives… bank accounts …. credit agreements of any sort and so on … ad infinitum…. Did you know that their systems can be infiltrated? …. There have been many well reported (read sensationalised) occasions where it’s happened… if you chose to believe them that is πŸ€”πŸ˜†

Most want to know the measurements of our ever increasing knicker size …. or if you’ve got piles or a food intolerance….

Today the cry goes up about an app to see what we will look like as an old person… (as I’m already there it’s wasted on me …..) even the grand ol’ Daily Mail is on that wagon! ‘The app will have access to all your photos and information’ … oh my days …. the fear kicks in. Now excuse me for being ignorant… but how many people who subscribe to this fear actually save all their info to a cloud… or something similar? Nothing is infallible. End of. Besides if you share your photos anyway…. and have nothing to hide (apart from that odd KGB agent body under your patio … and the offshore account which has all your ill gotten gains from prostitution and drug dealing stashed that is) …. what’s the panic for?? The only way to avoid anyone getting your information is to do bugger all, subscribe to nothing, become a nameless, self sufficient recluse.

Well that ain’t gonna fecking happen is it? As long as you take reasonable precautions to protect your identity, as in bank details etc., you can be as confident as the next sane (?) person.

Mind you …. if the Ruskis get hold of my photos and scribblings … they’d probably volunteer to lock themselves into Area 51…

WTF IS THAT ALL ABOUT?? A Facebook campaign to storm a military facility…. yeah right …. a million people or so people are going to get off their arses, put their phones/laptops/pcs into sleep mode… travel to the great USA … and run through some fencing and catch that buffoon Trump playing with his alien friends?…. That almost made me pee my pants …. 🀣

But even simpler shit is being bandied about ….. erm …. ‘Tomorrow Facebook is changing their algorithms’….. that’s been bandied about for a few years now…. but do we even vaguely understand what the fuck that means?? …… You’ll even be fined for wearing flip flops and sunglasses whilst driving. The police can’t even stop the dangerous b’stards who openly use mobile phones when driving …. and how do they sort sunglasses from prescription reactolite specs…. do they take away to specs and let folk drive around in a shortsighted fog instead?? And how are the fuzz going to see if you’ve got flip flops on when you’re driving? Ffs … it’s getting sodding silly now.

I’m sitting here wondering what sort of crap I can invent to make my lovely friends get a bleddy grip! To stop spreading this sort of shite and show me pictures of their cute kids/pets or nature/landscapes or delicious food/drinks…. tell me about their social life (as mine is pretty sad πŸ™„). Tell me about challenges or successes… but for fucks sake stop and think ….

I’m in so much trouble now… reckons I’ll be unfriended/blocked or even SHOUTED AT! Hey ho…. such is life 😎

Am I a bovvered Bear 🐻… am I fuck.

Well that whiled away an hour of my lovely day here in Paradise anyway πŸ˜†

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