Long time no see

Once again, I’ve not felt the need to write much… I’ve been enjoying each day as it comes, doing the things I like to do … as well as the things I have to do to ‘survive’ … and it’s struck me, that the happier I become … the easier some of those damned tiresome chores become…. so there’s a lesson to be learnt there…. as far as I’m concerned anyway.

Recently, I was mega chuffed with myself for taking the time to read an article by the Money Saving Expert [Martin Lewis]…. he said that if you renew your car insurance as soon as you can … preferably 30/31 days in advance… the premium will be a lot cheaper … as the closer it gets to your renewal date the higher the price. And he was fecking right. I actually reduced mine by £200 a year!! I’m not kidding …. I thought I’d check what my current provider was going to charge… and it was going UP by over 20 quid… so half an hour on comparison sites, and a few independents, was well worth the effort. And unlike previous years I didn’t feel stressed about taking the time…. when I’d end up just renewing the existing policy for convenience…. just taking my tune to read stuff and explore was enough to make me one happy bear 🐻 …..

This all follows on from my current mindset of knowing what I don’t want from life, and just taking what I do want forward with me.

I’ve been doing more decluttering…. getting rid of stuff I don’t use, and ignoring the odd sentimental thought. I really don’t have the sodding space in my little bear cave anyway ….. someone else may as well have the benefit of the stuff… all usable and some was even brand new…We all hoard stuff for that odd occasion or rainy day …. when in truth we often forget we had it until after the event… and we bought something else to use anyway! I’ve made a few quid from it… and hope to make some more. As being pretty financially inadequate (better than saying bankrupt/broke/skint/on the bones of my arse) every sodding penny helps.

Despite my wine allowance drastically reduced…. despite my ‘days out’ seriously curtailed…. despite my car fuel being eked out for essential use only …. despite being a frequenter of charity shops for my wardrobe… despite all of these downsides …. I’m as happy as a pig in shite.

I’m ‘watching’ people making a good living and complaining about the difficulties they face … in almost every area of their lives…. no time is almost at the top of the list. But they work so they can go out regularly, have holidays, buy new clothes/cars/furniture etc., that’s how their time gets bleddy used up innit?

To me … it’s all about the perception of how to use our time, and what value to put on it. Lots of people would say I waste my time… but if I’m happy doing what I do … then that’s not time wasted in my eyes.

I feel privileged to be in this position. It’s certainly not perfect …. but it’s what I need for now. Gawd knows what the future holds … as the last 10 years has seen a complete change in my life … back to who I really am. Not who others think I should be. I have learnt to say NO ….. I have learnt that by not being me, I became a walking human car crash…. I have learnt that I am the only person capable of walking in my shoes (or riding me bleddy broomstick) … I learnt to stop blaming others for my situation…. and I’ve (almost) learnt to stop blaming myself.

Maybe I am getting older and wiser…

…. Ermm …. now I’m being bleddy silly.

Nothing new there ….

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