Short(ish) but very sweet

I’ve been giving an enormous amount of thoughts about my recent epiphanies…. and I have restrained myself from blogging ad infinitum about them…. now that’s a bleddy first innit?? I’ve sat (and laid) back thinking for a very long time….

My healing process from some of my choices and decisions over the last couple of decades, and particularly from the last 7 years, has been long and painful… but by keeping a diary aka blogging…. I have been able to watch my progress.

My personal philosophies have been criticised on many occasions…. especially by others whose lives have also been challenging…. and at times I’ve really struggled … but something always happened to help me move on.

Recently…. several things crossed my life path…. and has given me the reasons to appreciate where I actually am in life …

And here’s a sort of list, triggered by various things that happened/seen/read/heard recently, and I will write about in full, in my second book… (The first one is almost finished !! TTF for that!!)

1) There are definitely NO such things as coincidences.

2) I’ve been given the 7 year old, and I see the [wo]man.

3) You are never to old to follow your dream.

4) Karma is real. It does work… you just have to be patient.

5) Self care is more important than caring for others. (If you can’t treat yourself right … how can you expect to know how to treat others?)

6) Everyone has different needs and perceptions …

7) The modern world is no different in its component parts than history shows us… it’s just faster … which makes it seem that much more harsh.

8) Simples works….

9) Surround yourself with things that inspire you.

10) Make sure you only have friends that accept you for WHO you are … warts and all… without unnecessary criticism.

These are MY philosophies… for ME… But they are not yours… if you are looking for answers, then go and find your own!! But don’t expect the path to find them to be easy …. it’s not … it’s fucking hard work. But I’ve never been afraid of that.

TIP: Find out what you DON’T want first….

‘Some’ people think I have very little at face value … that I’ve been dealt a crap hand … and maybe that’s true in their eyes …. but at heart value, I have riches…. because I am a very happy Old Bear 🐻. Beat that!!!

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