The proof is in the ‘pudding’… or the medicine cabinet….

It’s been a funny old Sunday. The morning was shite…. literally dragged the dog around the block in typical Cornish mizzle … that turned into a bleddy downpour halfway around a ‘short’ walk … got home like two drowned rats … and by the time we had a rub down to dry out the fecking sun started to come out ….

By then it was time for the ritual Sunday bacon butty …. yummy yummy …. well it tasted great… but it was a b’stard painful experience, as yesterday the filling in my wisdom tooth departed my substantial gob… along with more sodding tooth. In all fairness the dentist reckoned it would happen after the last repair … so it was sort of expected at some point. My bleddy teeth are crumbling in my old age … arseandbollocks… but hey ho we didn’t have the dental care in our childhood that they have now. But this bit of crumbling left me with a selection of razor points that shredded the inside of my cheek when chewing 🤬… so eating is a bleddy challenge, until I get to the dentist. Head on one side to take the pressure off the cheek, eating slowly like a ruminant cow (no comments required) …. I even pulled my cheek away with my little finger to ease the chewing process… this is not bleddy natural … but better than drawing more blood … and NO … I ain’t fucking liquidising my food … I got a few more years before I’m reverting to baby food. Nonetheless I survived and ‘enjoyed’ my bacon fix.

The weather started to improve even more, but by then I’m pissed right off! Dog had retreated to the bed again…, so I did some laundry …. yep it’s that exciting!!

To improve my mood I decided to get back to my book …. The Camomile Lawn by Mary Wesley. That was a good move… books… reading…. always lifts the spirits …

So then the sun came out proper hot…. so dragged the dog out for walkies…. it wasn’t long before she brightened up too…. and we spent a glorious hour or so wandering, sitting and watching and generally chilling. Ansum. My Paradise is second to none to lift the spirits … (expect when it’s pissing with rain) ….

…. so back home, roast pork and veg under way (to eat with some challenges… but I ain’t going to starve) … and I cast my mind over the last week, whilst enjoying a nice chilled glass of crisp white wine… and remembered that this time last week I had a friend staying…. and she had asked if I had some antacid tablets (my cooking ain’t that bad honest!) … but the ones I had were literally years out of date!

Now we all have a medicine cabinet or something…. mine is a basket on top of the bathroom cupboard… full of stuff

So thought I ought to have a gander at what’s in there … as not had reason to delve into it for some time…. what a chuffing shock that was!!

Most was well out of date … not by months .. but fucking years!! So why??

Because despite everything… the last two years have been healing in more ways than one! I have no need for all these pills and potions… because I am better than I’ve ever been …. apart from a lethal tooth…

How fucking brilliant is that??? Some days the message of how far I have come is bleddy deafening…. so this lot goes out and this is what is left

Along with a packet of Ibuprofen and Paracetamol on top of the fridge …,

Peace of mind… a simples lifestyle…. Paradise… all makes for a redundant medicine cabinet.

Bugger me backwards Betty …. that’s fucking awesome!! Pass the wine and I’ll chew my dinner very slowly …. but happy.

Geddon 🤓🤓

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