Day 4…. and breathe

It was an easier day …. my stooopid head gave me some more breaks from wondering what everyone in the virtual world was up to … and when I did have a little ponder, I realised it was less of an issue that I didn’t know. I was considerably calmer. Hoofuckingrah!! Though I put this down to being over the halfway mark of my self imposed ‘absence’ …. and I’m now beginning to think how I will manage my time on social media in the future ๐Ÿค” …. now that is going to be about self discipline …. something I don’t have a lot of. *Buggerationsandbollocks*…. hey ho … still chuffing learning….

In my real world however, I have kept myself busy…. but not necessarily doing the one thing I intended to focus on, with the time I was saving…. duh ๐Ÿ™„…. but not beating myself up about it…. because I have been catching up on household stuff, and some things I have let slide a bit. But I’m back on track with those now. And it’s made a difference to the few brain gremlins I have lurking. I can look around me and be pleased with my effort… there’s always stuff to do, but what’s left is doable… and I’ve begun to make lists again. It’s downright satisfying to cross things off when they’re done… even if I do add something else on. But that’s life innit? We don’t stop doing until we leave this mortal coil… and none of us will ever complete those lists of things to do anyway! So really there’s bugger all reason to beat ourselves up is there?? But we often do …. hmmm.

So now all the humdrum shite has been done, I’m filling my time with planning (I use the term loosely) a fun weekend. I have one of my oldest friends coming to stay for a couple of nights…. and then entertaining a few more tomorrow. A gathering of people that I love to spend time with. Good conversation will flow…. along with the wine and (hopefully) good food. So it’s been shopping lists, followed by procurement. Menu ( I use that word loosely as well!) … and generally wondering how the fuck I’ll get a dozen people into my little cave if the weather decides to be shit. Another hmmmm. I can just about find everyone a seat…, but where the hell I would put the food, without it becoming a smorgasbord for a thieving beagley … gawd only knows.

So I’m watching the weather forecast with the same intent as watching a soufflรฉ rise! (I decided against making one of those … as I always fail!) Oooer … hope that’s not an omen.

No matter what … the day will be great … probably knackering… but the effort made will be bleddy worth it.

One interesting thing about yesterday was my morning walkies… as usual I met the locals…. and had varied chats. One was extremely pleasant… I was complimented on my appearance, as well as my taste in music and my personal outlook. The gent doesn’t know anything about my rollercoaster past … but in passing conversations, we have hit it off rather well … and I do believe we’ve been flirting! Does wonders for the ego!! Yesterday he made a point about dropping in the age thing…. I thought he was younger, and he is by 7 years .., so being flattered by a youngster, is all the more pleasing….

They say flattery will get you everywhere… though I reckon that I’m at that age where no one would want to bleddy go there!! Who knows?? ๐Ÿ˜

But how nice it is to receive a compliment now and again! Time to start handing some out again …. it’s great to make people laugh… I do that regularly … it’s great to help people think about things, I hope I do that too… but it’s even greater to make people feel good about themselves. In fact it’s bleddy priceless. Another lesson relearnt …

All without the aid of social media … now there’s a thing…, the real world can be a very nice place too ๐Ÿ˜.. and my real world is awesome …. even with Supersonic Jason having a quick fag in Paradise ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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