Day 2 …. it’s pigging hard!

After 12 years of scrolling through my newsfeed on a very frequent basis every day, it’s bleddy hard work breaking the habit. And this is despite drastically cutting back for a few months before I deactivated myself. My poor index finger and thumb are fecking itching to get back to it. My head is a bit confuddled too….

I have occupied myself with catching up on jobs. I realised I have become a bit of a household chore slut…. doing more of a lick and a promise, than a bleddy good deep clean! My dear old Auntie Annie would have been turning in her grave… my mother however would have just shrugged her shoulders, and carried on sucking her aniseed balls, and watched tv. I take after my mother. Though for me it would be humbugs and laptop or phone…

Anyway, I have scrubbed and scrubbed the Bear Cave… and as it’s very tiny, it didn’t take very long… so I expanded my efforts to the garden, weeding and tidying, in preparation for a small gathering of friends at the weekend.

Now usually this would be a very last minute blitz to make it presentable to sit in… lobbing tables and chairs into some sort of order just before the guests arrive … but I have even done that! All they need is the final wipe down, cushions to put out, and it’s ready to roll… 4 days early! Wtf?

Even the shopping list is done… all the crockery, glasses, cutlery sorted…. it’s like the aliens have been .. this is bleddy unheard of!!

It’s certainly stopped me from being on social media for a lot of the time. But it hasn’t stopped me sodding head from wondering what some of my Facebook pals are up to though…. and I admit to missing a few who keep me amused.

What I haven’t missed is the other shite… especially all the amateur political punditing (there’s a new word for you!)… and being told, quite rudely, that my opinion is totally wrong and stupid…. and being informed by endless copied and pasted articles to back up their ‘informed’ opinions. This is reflected by those who agree with me …. they also copy and paste articles to refute the others. It’s as boring as fuck! And today is Election Day for MEPs… so I’m bleddy glad I’m away from it all….

Then there’s the soapbox stuff…. some is actually interesting… but a lot is at saturation point… because of the need to get the message across. Ok … I chuffing got it! Sometimes little is more. I read occasional articles, to try and be informed… but constantly bombarding my newsfeed with it, actually has a negative reaction from me.

So there’s still more that I don’t miss, than I do. The balance is uneven …. I’d love to be like some people I know, who just simply scroll past the shit, without giving it a second thought. This is where I am aiming to be …. but until I can get my stooopid head to play that game, it’s better I stay away from it.

But now I’ve virtually run out of industrious pursuits to keep myself occupied at home. Fortunately I have friends visiting later, so with general daily stuff that has to done, and my usual glorious walkies in Paradise, today should be taken care of….

….. but it won’t stop my head, index finger and thumb from itching to have a bleddy look at what’s going on in the virtual world…,


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