Day 1… confusion abounds

So my first day without social media didn’t go particularly well. Not so much the fact I withdrew, but my methodology… it just didn’t fecking work. My thinking of initially just logging out backfired… as I got asked if I meant for my account to still be ‘live’…. and yes I did know that, it was deliberate, as I wrote on my blog yesterday.

And this is the ironic bit …. it appears that no matter how much you promote something…. and despite people saying that they follow you. They actually don’t. I’m not sure whether I’m being patronised, ignored, or just plain humoured. Or everyone is far too busy with their own lives. If they had taken a few minutes and read it, they would have seen my ‘strategy’ … but hey ho that’s life… my blogs are not necessarily for other people, unless they are interested in the way an old eccentric woman’s mind works, they are really for me. Blog = Diary in my world. I’m sure as fuck not relying on it for an income…. which is just as well ….

Anyway… it was an amusing interlude being logged off. One of the reasons to take that route, was to copy my website blog onto my Facebook [blog] page, for those that do follow me on there. Well that didn’t fucking work… as that page has been suspended!! The social media admins have given me time out…. I can only assume they must have been bleddy offended by one of my blogs, because I criticised their current formats. (In the meantime, bullying, cruelty and misleading click bait is still being permitted)… gawd knows how long the suspension will be for … but it’s irrelevant as far as I’m concerned, for the minute anyway.

So back to the drawing board.. I deactivated my personal page…. and twiddled my thumbs for a bit, then got on with stuff in the real world.

I have to admit that I found it extremely odd not to find notifications on my phone/lappy…. it felt a bit like the chuffing world had stopped. Only that one person messaged me… so no other online interaction occurred for the day. I did miss seeing what friends were up to … but I sure as hell didn’t miss the fricking politics and ‘soapboxes’… so the jury is still very much out.

In the meantime …. I’m going to sit here again today…. chat to a few people, and ‘waste’ my time 😎😎

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