The internet. Hmmm

I’ve not written much lately…. I’ve not felt the need. Now there’s a bleddy thing!! As I’ve always used writing as a way of not only charting my progress through my life’s journey, but also to get the jumbled thoughts (on anything) out of my stooopid head. It takes the pressure off the Head Squirrels, who always seemed to be fighting the evil influences of the Brain Gremlins….

But I reckon they’ve all taken a well deserved holiday! Whooppeefuckingdoo!! It’s taken long enough. They must have been sick and tired of all my shit.

But yesterday the Bear got poked. Thanks to the influences of the chuffing internet. Which was disappointing, as I have reduced my time on it quite drastically. I actually choose to use it, rather than think I should be on it …. you may like to take a second to think about that … or not… the choice is yours!

An increasing amount of people constantly have their phones/laptops/pcs in front of them… like an appendage… an external brain even! Many rely on what they can find on it. We are in a technology age…. a great deal of work is IT based … and sitting there right beside the business bit, is the social media stuff, and information on absolutely anything.

The world before technology is increasingly criticised for being responsible for the shit the world is currently in … I am of the generation that is being held responsible. Hmmm… personally I think technology (and greed) are the culprits!

I am old school. I don’t give a flying fuck if I have an opinion that doesn’t sit well with today’s agendas. I don’t need endless fecking ‘reports’ to prove a differing opinion. I will always listen to a sensible debate … by someone who can form their own opinions, without resorting to finding stuff on the web to back up theirs.

This may seem to contradict my belief that the internet is an easy source of knowledge. But as with everything in life, as throughout history, contradictions always abound.

Life is one huge fecking paradox!

Personally, I am happy and comfortable with myself. I don’t need to ‘peddle’ someone else’s facts, unless I have experienced the same.

Which is why all the people who were born into the computer age, will never understand that we all fucking survived without it. It wasn’t perfect then. It sure as fuck ain’t perfect now. But people our age don’t need to be ‘corrected’ or even patronised that we ‘don’t understand’.

The irony is that I now choose to live a fair bit in the way I did before computers started their takeover. Before consumerism became an ogre. Before knowledge was tampered with. I live as simple as I can … I limit my time ‘believing’ everything I read online.

A simple fact…. from my own real life experience. Up until maybe 15 years ago, I personally knew about a half a dozen people who took their own lives. In the last 15 years, I have lost count of friends and families who have suffered from loved ones who took the only way out that they thought was open to them. I only knew a handful of people who were suffering with anxieties or depression (including my mother, my son and myself) ….. nowadays it’s an epidemic.

I cannot attribute it all to the internet… but … and it’s a BIG BUT! There is a bit of irony that these increases came about at about the same time as social media? Coincidence? (And a good friend of mine always says there is no such thing as coincidence.. )

So forgive me if I hold an opinion that differs from your own… I do not need a verbal slap or correction online. Come and talk to me face to face, without any techie aids, with your own thoughts. I’ll listen, as I love a good, polite and reasoned debate. But not politics…. I’m soooo done with that lol…….

In the meantime …. I’m off to enjoy this in real life…. so much nicer than a screen

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