On the flip of a coin

Nope…. not the song by The Streets… but the literal ‘meaning’ …. the coin that’s flipped in the air, accompanied by the shout of “heads or tails”…. a way of making a fair decision …. (but it really only seems fair, if it goes the way you want it to go). But what it actually does, is take the long process of indecision away from a situation. It’s a long established, and accepted way of settling disputes, starting points, guessing games and general sportsmanship….

Now me being of the non intellectual, or particularly well educated variety of numpties, I have this bleddy penchant for not only passing opinions, I also ask questions, but in both cases, it’s often in a roundabout and frequently misunderstood way. Duh. Comes with the territory of the dreaded written word…. it’s a fecking hard world to live in at times.

And the worst place to practice this is on social media. Bugger me, you can be offended and be offensive almost at the same time. You see others with a life that seems so chuffing perfect, it makes your own seem boring and mundane…. even worthless. People proud of their achievements or choices. Showing their perfect love and affection for their significant others, with their exciting social lives…. and there you sit on your own, with only a bottle of wine, a bag of chilli peanuts and Netflix for company. It can have a seriously negative impact on people’s lives.

I’ve always said we should take what we want from it, and leave the rest. But what if we don’t know what we want? What if we rely on other people’s opinions to influence us? And yes we often do …. because we either can’t be arsed to find out for ourselves, or our perception is that others are much better at life and adulting than we are. Hmmm. Where does the bleddy truth lie?

The world of social media is a modern day monster 21st century version of the 19th century Svengali. Both are fictional entities that are totally believable! A huge amount of what we read and see is fabricated crap… even on a personal status, facts can be omitted to make everything seem hunkyfuckingdory…. but a few people are brave enough to tell their ‘stories’ warts and all …… and those that do, often get pilloried.

It’s still a big learning game …. my time on social media is slowly reducing, they are so considerate they even add a facility to monitor your screen time! …. Not sure I’ll ever give it up, as living on my own, with masses of time to fill, no financial power to spend lots of time in the real world, or the desire to, as that can be as much of a bleddy nightmare for me as well. Either way I’m screwed. Bollocks.

But I am getting a bit more savvy … but some clever b’stards make it hard work…. hey ho … onwards and bleddy upwards …. on the flip of a coin eh?

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