We all get ’em…. days that just don’t tie up …. a got out of the wrong side of the bed sort of day. The kind of day you want to wrap yourself up in a blankie, watch shite on tv, eat rubbish and drink yourself into oblivion. But my fdcking budget, and pooch that demands food and exercise, means that wasn’t going to bleddy happen.

So for me the damned day just got progressively worse. No matter what I fdcking touched didn’t cooperate… I was definitely in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong ‘stuff’ and the wrong people. Actually maybe not the people, as I hid myself away …. it’s enough for me to be a screaming point, without taking any other poor sod with me …

Yet somehow I survived the shite day … with no idea how… as I was so frcking tired, I could have slept upright on a sodding tightrope. Not a bleddy clue as to why I was so exhausted…. as I did fdck all!

I was shown this word the other day …. fits the bill perfectly!!

I suppose I could blame the alcohol I had the night before …. but I’m pretty sure that (in my case anyway) two medium glasses of wine after my dinner, wouldn’t class as a bleddy hangover. I don’t take any medication with ‘drowsy’ side effects. I like my life in general. And I fdcking LOVE where I live. So what the fuck was yesterday all about??

The only things I can pinpoint with some accuracy (and it pains me to say it again) is old age. What a sneaky b’stard this is. It creeps up like a stealthy tartan felt slipper with a zip and pompom on the front [those of a ‘certain age’ will understand]…. Oh and I know I am repeating myself … but this shit never fails to surprise me …. with the sudden and devious appearance in my normally quiet existence! I hadn’t exerted myself unnecessarily, got too much fresh air (yea really …. that was suggested!) or any other blasted reason for the tiredness or severely grumpy mood. So the only fucker to blame is Old Age. What kind of fecking sorcery does Mother Nature hold over us?? I am generally in awe of her …. there is so much beauty around in our world …. and every so often she blasts off on a sodding rampage and destroys swathes of our world with natural disasters!

Oh! The bleddy penny has dropped!!!

She’s a woman …. and OLD woman!! After all, she’s been around since time immemorial, she must have days when she’s pissed right off as well!! Duh…..

I try not to dwell on these days as anything other than something I have to deal with … without overthinking it. Though in the past I have to admit I’ve tried … and never found the answer. So guess I’ll just have to put up with the side effects of this ageing process, courtesy of Mother Nature.

It’s a b’stard… but at least the fdcking dog found the answer to the day after all!!

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