There’s always a bleddy price to pay …

  • And I’m not talking about the current shambles of Brexshit… but the price of making life choices in general … there really isn’t any such thing as a free lunch… there is always some chuffing price to pay… such is the paradox of life itself. There is good and bad in every thing we choose in life. As always I say it’s about finding the balance.
  • I live in the land of pasties and cream teas (jam first!). Food is rich (and fattening) in most cases. We love our comfort food … and historically it was needed…. being (in the main) farmers, fishermen and miners …. hard physical work (including the women) … and therefore the Cornish were all of a sturdy and stocky nature.
  • Nowadays, work often is less strenuous, but we still love our food … so a few of us *cough* are carrying a few extra pounds… a price to pay. But can’t blame it all on our county delicacies… the influx of ‘outsiders’ bring with them the need for other fast, ‘junk’ food …. (I bet a few buggers will be offended being called that…. but find me another bleddy word for it! Oh yea ….emmets!) . Not always satisfied with our own ‘fast’ food of pasties and proper fish and chips… and now we’ve all taken on board burgers, pizza, Chinese and Indian takeaways. The price we are all now paying for all this deliciousness is obesity. Bugger.
  • And with the impending surge in our population, due to tourists from all over the world, eating al fresco means the return of the scavenging sodding sky rats. (Seagulls to everyone else) many holidaymakers think it’s great fun to throw food to the feathered feckers… and the complain when a bleddy mini albatross frightens the shit out of their offspring, whilst nicking their chips or ice cream …. and let me tell you, it’s no fecking joke when their resulting shit hits your head, back and ruins your sodding day .. let alone your best angora cardie you bought especially to go on holiday, and stay warm enough to eat your chosen supper on the beach/prom/pier. Such is the price you should be prepared to pay.
  • Now don’t get me wrong…. before some bugger gets the feckkng hump … we know that tourism plays a big part of our economy …. but it would be nice to have a bit of respect for the place people are ticking off their bucket list. Regular visitors are usually empathetic with our beautiful Duchy…. but a fair old few couldn’t really give a shit … and lob their crappy rubbish into lay bys , leave it on beaches and cliff tops, and even chuck it over our garden walls. That’s not unique to their holiday I’m sure… bet they do the same anywhere. Inconsiderate twats.
  • It’s a price we have to pay … along with expensive property that locals can’t afford… as ironically we are one of the poorest places in the country …. It’s because we are one of the most beautiful, and sought after places for people to have holiday homes … another sodding price to pay … or not.. if you’re Cornish and live here, and want a home.

    But despite all the downsides …. I’m more than fecking happy to pay the price to see this several times a day …. my Paradise … I’ve found my balance…. I’m one of the lucky buggers.

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