Filosophy is fecking fun [for beginners]

Socrates…. that’s him there, the Ancient Greek hipster type …. one of the earliest of the ‘big guns’ in Greek Philosophers …. didn’t write anything down apparently …. it was his big fan Plato who started to get this philosophical shit down on papyrus… along with his mate Aristotle. Now, what I didn’t know was that Pythagoras was also one of the happy band of Ancient Thinkers… yep, him of the sum of the angles and hypotenuse jobbie… apparently he was a bit of everything … a Pythag of All Trades so to speak. But what a great bunch of bleddy blokes they were. Clever beyond belief. No fucking education … but lived to ripe old ages without doing a fecking stitch of real work! (Apart from one twat, who thought he was immortal, and chucked himself into a volcano)…

So the first Academy to learn proper shit, was set up donkeys years before we had the tip over between BC and AC… this is where a bit of trouble began I reckon. Because other people [Romans] started to get smart and think for themselves too… And their ideas of what we (as humans, not Greek Gods) are supposed to do with ourselves, started to spill over into other areas. ( I blame that bugger Pythagoras)…. it even got into politics … can you see where I’m going yet??

Anyway, these Ancient Thinkers still managed to hold onto the general building blocks of their philosophies for a few centuries… long after they kicked their respective buckets. Then along came them there Modern Philosophers … armed with science, mathematics, and the ever progressive medieval technologies. I think it was those buggers that ‘invented’ realism and idealism. As I understand it, it was at this point those buggers took up where those ancient geezers left off, and really started arguing the case for our very bleddy existence… are we really here? Or not? Are we form or matter?

The more ‘educated’ people got, the more other problems crept in. Not happy with their ‘positions’ in life, more and more bleddy peasants got ideas above their fdcking station. Wars started to become commonplace over any bleddy thing. Forget just survival … sodding principles kicked in.

Then some fucker started talking about ‘materialism‘…. As if there wasn’t enough shit going on….

I haven’t explored much of the newer Philosophers yet … but I’m sure it’ll open another bleddy Pandora’s Box of Mad Frogs…. we are our own worst enemies … we should just talk … like Socrates… don’t write anything down… then no evidence to be held against us.

Well I’ve broken that fecking rule eh?

My philosophy? Do what you want. Be happy. Fuck everyone else. Anarchy didn’t work … and as for democracy?? Well it’s pretty fdcking damaged at the moment. And the fuckers that rule our world are classed as ‘educated‘…. so we can blame them for the shit we are in.

Or you can blame Socrates instead… up to you, you have the choices.

*Trundles back into her cave to read more fun stuff*

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