Not the 6 o’clock News

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So what have I gleaned this week, by means of passive listening to the radio and TV, and what’s posted on social media??


The Brexshit Bandwagon rolls on….  More waste of time votes, because it seems if the vote goes against expectation, then democracy isn’t working? WTF does that mean?? Shockingly, educated and intellectual people are getting overheated and vitriolic everywhere, all depending on which side of the ever growing amount of political fences you sit on…. Though I think the ‘best’  bleddy thing I saw was some woman saying that “Deal or no deal, it will be bad for dieters”….  Yep …. I’m sure that sodding well sums it up! And did Trump sulk, because our PM didn’t listen to him?? Well if that’s right, at least she hasn’t made things even worse than they already are!


All of this political crap whilst absolutely awful shit was happening out in the ‘real’ world…. A plane crashes killing everyone… it grounds a fleet of airplanes, as they investigate the ‘rogue’ mechanical fault. Oh hang on a minute…. This bit of random kit  suddenly developed a personality all of its own, and performed a ‘death wish’? In my ‘umble opinion, some technical wizards invented said kit, technical engineers etc., are employed to look after that said kit, and ensure it’s airworthiness, therefore, by any rational deduction, it surely has to be a human failure ….


Then a mass shooting in New Zealand, horrendous deliberate carnage…. And many people are blamingmental health issuesfor the slaughter. This makes my bleddy blood boil…. It’s offensive to people who are struggling just to function each day through anxiety, stress and depression. Sure, the guy was MENTALLY TWISTED …. not sodding wired up right, but mental health should never be used in this context. History is littered with megalomaniacs who think they are more powerful and worthy of recognition, and went on to commit acts of atrocity…. These b’stards were never suffering what is regarded as mental health nowadays…. The tortured people who are suffering severe depression, are more likely to take their own lives than that of others. LIke the young reality show celeb who hung himself…. (And the three local ‘ordinary’ young people who died by their own hand)  I’m sure their parents would be fucking horrified to think that their beloved child is classed as the same as the fucking b’strd that shot all those innocent people…. And then comes another shooting incident in Utrecht…. If these mentally twisted b’stards want to cause harm….they will….and it’s everywhere and anywhere …. How sad…..


In other news, we had Red Nose Day…more plastic to add to the shitloads we can’t get rid of now… a young 15 year old Swedish girl has managed to get her voice heard over other eco campaigners… clever girl, or as I am such a cynic, clever promotion…. People complained about children having a ‘day off’ school, to campaign for their future environment. Where’s the bleddy harm in that? Missing out on a days education? Well as far as I am concerned, the educated society that runs our country, doesn’t fill me with great expectation….. Best these kids get some practical stuff in their heads to make sure they have a bleddy future worth having….


On the sports front, we had a Grand Slam in the 6 Nations Rugby, a brutal, entertaining tournament, where every team had the same opportunities, and the best team won. A lesson there methinks. A woman won a ‘grade one’ race over the jumps at Cheltenham… first time it has happened…. all through sheer hard work and focussed determination… another lesson? Then the Formula One season began… the biggest money [play] pit for all the rich people in the world… ‘a showcase for innovation and technology’ apparently… yea right… Billions of dollars being used to highlight the haves and have nots. Doesn’t stop me from bleddy loving it though… I ain’t perfect….. So what else?


I heard the new T.O.W.I.E isn’t great with the new younger participants… exciting huh? We had St Patricks Day…. when it seems most of the population of England suddenly became Oirish… or was it just an excuse to have a glorious piss up on the black stuff?? The new film about our lovely Fishermen’s Friends was released… and now I expect every other fucker will be singing sea shanties in a crap Cornish accent…. And apparently (according to ‘fans’) the best thing ever on tv this year is Mary Berry being given a drum lesson by Rick Astley…. Proof (if required) that he is ‘never gonna to give [you] up’….


…. And I have to admit that I stopped wrestling with the bleddy printer cartridges last evening, (whilst waiting for my Emmerdale Comedy Show fix!)…  to watch the news article about the dreadful natural disaster unfolding in east Africa….the report showed a snapshot of the humanitarian cost…. then promptly went into a much deeper report on climate change. Almost dismissing those poor people as ‘natural wastage’…. Where is this on social media?? Instead we get coverage of Carol Vordeman’s ‘remodelled arse… and there’s plenty of bleddy coverage to be done on it! What the fuck has happened to our priorities??


I’m done here… I’ll get me fecking coat…

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