Rebuilding your life… or ending it?

I’m sure, that as a new week starts, there are thousands of people starting out on a journey to rebuild their lives. The reasons will all be different and unique to themselves. The challenges they are facing will sometimes seem impossible. Quite a few will sadly not make it …. feeling the task they face too big to be worth the effort. My heart breaks for them. As in the news recently …. famous people who seem to have it all… unknown people who have virtually nothing. The thoughts that drive them to take their own lives, will never really be known. Unless someone can fit us with the equivalent of a black box in our minds… the truths will never be told.

My life has been a car crash. Twice I stepped away from finishing it all. Admittedly it was decades ago …. but it’s still as fresh in my head as it was on those two dark days. I purposely keep those memories fresh… as I NEVER want to go there ever again.

I rebuilt my life…. baby step by baby step. I fell over a lot …. sometimes on my face …. sometimes on my arse. But accepting a little help from others, I got up again and kept making little steps forward.

Not always in the right direction!

I made more mistakes on the way. I somehow managed to rise above them, by trying to learning from them.

We are never too old to learn. We should never be too proud to accept help when offered. We should NEVER give up.

Two years ago to the day, I felt despair, I was in limbo land, homeless, facing bankruptcy and relying on the generosity of friends. A failure in my own eyes. Self esteem was at an all time low. All this following a five year period of trying to find my own way, after a bitter split from a 23 year marriage. Where I lost family and friends, my livelihood and all the trappings of a ‘successful’ life… nothing boded well.

But two years on, with lots of adjustments, learning for past lessons of what didn’t work for me, I got through.

My life now has transformed…. I really am happy …. it’s not always how others would like to see me … but I have to do what’s best for me!

I only hope that those who are setting out on a new life path this morning, will find their Paradise. It will never be perfect. Just by making small adjustments, life will be worth living.

We all have to face our demons alone… despite being surrounded by people who love us. I make no apologies if, at times, I act as though I don’t need anyone. Because I have to be enough for me..

Two years ago no one knew how close I came to thinking nothing was worth it. But my own past life lessons kept me safe. Despite not knowing how I’d get through.

If you’re struggling … hang on in there! Make small adjustments… don’t try and change your world in one go. Accept help, but only if it feels ‘right’ for you. Baby steps all the way.

Do it for yourself. Because you ARE worth it.

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