There’s always a ‘way around’ a problem …. the choice is yours.

Several friends happily sent me this picture … being a ‘Bear’ …. and having run a pub (briefly) …. and loving a social (!) drink… it made me have a nice old chuckle …..

But me being me… I took a closer look …. and somehow came to the conclusion that this actually sums up my bleddy life!! My chuckle went to a downright hysterical cackle…. I do so amuse myself with inane drivel at times…. so much so, that I recently had a proper belly laugh in a supermarket aisle… causing other customers to quietly back away…. after all there’s hardly ever anything hysterically funny in about bleddy bread is there?? Oh ok … baps are quite amusing… though down here on the Wild West of Cornwall, call them splits.

I digress yet again. Bothered? Nope…. no bleddy fun keeping to the point…

Anyway… apart from the literal interpretation of the picture …. what I saw was the road …. like my life it’s not all smooth…. got some rough bits to it, where I frequently tripped up, and went arse over tit. And there were times I needed double yellow lines and should not fdcking stopped on that route. The kerb is an even bigger trip hazard, but by stepping, or often falling onto it, it sometimes stopped me from being a head on car crash of the person I can be from time to time. (Ok a lot of the fdcking time!)

The road I sometimes thought was the right route, was often closed by some bleddy unforeseen obstacle, and ended up with having to take a diversion …. but I didn’t always take the recommended route. As you can see from the picture.. it’s pretty bleddy easy to get around that diversion…. I often took that option… going to have a look at what was actually blocking the sodding road.

At times it was easy to take baby steps past it…. other times I had to turn back to the original reason I stopped, and then take the recommended way… admitting that sometimes other people DO know better. That never happened very often as The Bear is always right!

Sometime Bears can be bleddy idiots …. just the same as everyone else.

One thing I never could do was go back any further, as the past is the past… that route wasn’t available any more… like in the picture.

As for the pub? Look at it.. it’s a bit mismatched in places … bits of it have character, whilst other bits stand our like carbuncles on its facade [windows] and detract from the prettiness…. but with a bit of gilding, a bit of floral dressing, then it’s still good to go…..

And apart from the obvious (to some) fact I ran a successful failure [a paradox… had to be bleddy done] of a public house… and I am a very social drinker… it’s the fdcking reason I am bankrupt, living off a pissing pathetic state pension, and having sweet FA in comparison to my previous life…. the result is?? I am actually happy as a pig in shite.

You just can’t put a price on it. Happiness has come from an eventful journey. All summed up in one picture.

You can only deal with what you are facing in your life… you can’t change what’s behind you …. but there are always options of how you move on… and sometimes obstacles and the diversion are there for a bleddy good reason!

As for me… who the fuck knows what’s around the next corner … but it’ll probably involve a pub and a tipple …..

As for the picture?? I’m framing that bugger.

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