Ya gotta laugh!! And swear!!

I know I’ve written about this shite before…. but it’s not a ‘one off’ issue!

Some days you wake up, just knowing you’re going to get out of the bed on the wrong bleddy side. For no reason whatsoever. Ok, perhaps it was the fecking damp pillow that greeted me this morning….. from my age induced night dribbling. WTF is that all about? Along with wearing most of my sodding food nowadays, and wiry black hairs, the length of a horses tail, appearing on my face in less than the time it takes me to say tweezers…. some of the old age crap is getting very, very tiresome!

I could fall out with myself in an empty room at the minute… with not a slightest idea why. As everything is just fine and dandy in the Bear’s World.

Nothing particularly out of order, maybe the odd thing that niggles a bit.. but nothing that warrants being so bleddy grisly and snarky.

So prodding at my phone, and scrolling through the endless shite that gets posted on Facebook….

(Oh yes, it’s funny how you only see everything as shite when you’re in a bad mood innit??)

…. ‘hiding’ irrelevant adverts… getting pissed off with politics/religion/sexuality/sport/babies/music/books/clever dogs and cute kittens …. mentally shouting at some people to “Get a life” …, that suddenly the irony of your situation kicks in. Maybe I don’t have a life?

What counts as a life? As it means so many different things, to so many different people. All about the fdcking perceptions again.

Nothing is simple is it? No matter how I try to live by the ‘Simples Strategy’ ….life has its own agenda. It can fuck with your head at a moments notice. There is no known cure!! Except the finality of our inevitable demise.

And I ain’t fdcking going there yet!

So what’s the solution?? Where’s the cure for those days, when you feel out of sorts, when you argue with yourself .. and lose the argument. When you feel so fecking itchy with the world you want to hibernate… only to find that hibernation is making you stir crazy! Constantly in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people, doing the wrong things! FFS… it’s fdcking mind boggling.

….. but I continued scrolling and grumbling… and BANG the cure!!

This goes back to the dreaded ‘Pubgate’ interlude.. when times were really shit…. when mornings were dreaded…. when facing people was a necessity…. blah blah.

I had no time to go for a fecking pee, let alone look for advice/counselling/therapy…. my lovely chef was much the same. So we developed a morning ‘habit’. A Swearfest! And it fucking worked! We would stand in the kitchen… and swear so badly about what we had to do in the day, it would have made pirates and navvies blush…. there were feckkng potatoes…. b’starding orders…. bollocking deliveries etc., etc., to be done….. always trying to find and invent new combinations of swear words….

This would fill a whole 5 minutes… and result in tears of laughter… forget all the wise words …. forget the relaxation techniques… forget the mantras …. Have a fucking Swearfest!! If only in your head….

Just worked for me!! Cheers to my friend who posted this…. today you were my ‘chef’ xxxx

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