A HUGE Issue…

I am truly surprised and shocked at the amount of times this meme thing has been shared to social media.

I am even more surprised at the times my old blog with this as a subject, has been shared…. around the world.

A sad ‘statistic’ showing that mental abuse is rife. I weep for the ‘victims’ … Male and Female!! This is not reserved to one sex.

I am not going to repeat everything I wrote back then…. I am only going to repeat that there is always a way out…unfortunately it will never be easy!! But what is the option? Stay and be continually manipulated and unhappy? Or leave, facing an uncertain future… with the prospect of being in control of your own life?

I chose the second option. It was f@&*#^g hard!! I left with the promise I’d be looked after… but that changed the instant I found somewhere to live. I became ‘unwanted on the voyage’ … quickly replaced … and even abandoned by some family and friends. I was made the villain of the piece, as I was the one who left.

But one thing for sure… even at over 60 years old … I knew I had made the right decision. As I was immediately free to make my own decisions about what I wore, where I went, who I saw, what I did and how I did it…..

Nothing can replace that feeling I had of FREEDOM.

It didn’t happen overnight. It took almost a decade from the time I acknowledged to myself that I was just being used. It hurt lots of times. I made humongous mistakes. It was a massive learning curve.

But a few friends kept me moving forwards. I made new friends of my own choice. I now do everything my own way. I am battle scarred for sure… but very happy.

Yes I’m on my own, apart from my life saving dog. I am old. I am broke, I live on ‘benefits’.

Oh boy…. but oh so happy!! That hard journey was worth it!!

I did it by baby steps, asking for help when needed …. and never losing sight of who I actually was!

God bless anyone starting out on that route to freedom. I got your back!

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