Today is bravely brought to you by the letter ‘B’

I’m either being bleddy brave or b’starding bonkers…. but I’m going to say the big ‘B’ word!!


Oh buggerations and bollocks!! The horror!! …. I’ve now stuck my stupid head above the parapet, and will be prepared for the throwing of brick, blocks and sundry hardwood bats in my direction…. but hey ho people… apparently I’m allowed an opinion. It’s something called ‘free speech’…. and I’m not afraid to use it …. thought in truth I sometimes think I shouldn’t. But if I didn’t use it… then I’d lose it. The current trend of ‘Sheeples’ are an example of not using your own bleddy brain.

So here goes feck all ….

This isn’t about which way I voted or even giving a political opinion…. it’s about observations. Of the downright farce and a load of bleddy bollocks I see going on everyday….

I did vote in the referendum, but not on a political front, but on what I felt was right .. for me…. and it was the one and only vote I have cast in over 5 years. I will not cast another one for the foreseeable future either. Why?

Well because of this …. I simply don’t like the shit that has happened in our political system! No clear cut parties any more, in my eyes anyway. It appears to be a complete mish mash of politics, greed, self importance, misinformation, infighting and dirt digging. Disillusioned? You bet my sagging arse I am.

Politicians, like any high profile job, are open to criticism…. they are humans (apparently) and have a difficult job. I was once highly active in supporting a political party, and even campaigning… but never in a million bleddy years would I have stood for office. It takes a speshul kind of stooopid passion and ambition to do that. I never had it. But I did have the belief that my political party had the ‘answers’…. but as I found out after a couple of decades … did they fuck. I thought they made a difference…. but was I any better off? Nope… it was all give with one hand … and take with the other. I spent years looking at policies of all parties, and there was good and bad in all.

It was then I stopped voting…. oh yes…. I had so many people in *HORROR*…. but am I any better or worse off than them? Trusting in our political system?? In truth, despite my current position (by my own choices) …. I look around and think not. I still see people working their fucking arses off…. for the fat cats to get even fatter. It was my choice to withdraw from the political arena … I don’t consider it’s bitten my backside ….. yet

…. and now with BREXIT!! Yep I said that bleddy b’stard‘B’ word again….

What a bleddy shambles of the first degree! Everybody up in arms with the whole fecking shebang! Everyone sodding experts. Everyone with contradicting opinions. But where are the chuffing solutions?? They lie with the government that’s where. There is bugger all we can actually do about it. They have to get on with it…. regardless.

Oh and please don’t fucking say we need another vote! We are supposed to be a bleddy democracy. You can’t have another vote, because you didn’t like the actual result. And again, please don’t say it’s because we didn’t have all the information… we should all be intelligent enough to know there will always be a package put forward with the bare bones of the issue. In fact the bare bones took some bleddy reading!! Trying to understand it, trying read between the lines, trying to get to grips with the complicated ‘mechanisms’ of EU rules, regulations etc., is way beyond anyone who is not deeply involved in the whole process. But it’s all we had… along with all the political pundits in the world writing endless bleddy articles….

Hindsight… that’s what’s got people’s backs up. And the fact things ain’t going the way they wanted. And this is for both sides of this fiasco. I’m not backing one side or the other… there is no bleddy point at all. In any of it. We can only watch it unfold, free to pass an opinion as always… but for Heavens sake … if you are not in government, we need to let them get on with the huge shitpot they have to deal with. They made it. It’s up to them to sort the fecking mess out.

I am heartily fed up with the bleddy bullshit bonanza I see and hear everyday. From the Prime Minister down to the poor homeless b’stard on the street.

The professional alarmists are having a fdcking field day. The media is feeding them by the bucketload. If anyone should take the time to think for themselves, look at the previous bleddy crap times in our political history, and stand back and look….

We are not heading for an Armageddon…. we are looking at a massive change. And there are not many people who like change. It’s that fucking simple.

We entered a Common Market. It evolved, and stealthily changed in this European Union… by the hand of politicians from all parties. They got us into this mess… they are the buggers who have to get us out.

Many people are criticising the ‘infighting’ …. then there’s the dirt digging… almost verging on slander in some cases…. Oh hello!? All I see is Joe Public doing exactly the same fecking thing.

There is a whole wide world outside of this issue, and Europe …. do you really think that Fat Cat Consumer Corporations Ltd., will let this country go down the pan?? They will be ahead of the game… they can not afford to ditch the huge profits that our country provides. They have to look after their interests… and if they can’t ‘buy’ our way out via the politicians …. then surely then they have to rely on us, the consumers??

THAT would be a positive change.

As a note …. have you ever looked at the ‘origin’ labels on our food in the supermarkets, clothes in our shops etc. ?? (Trust me you’d be so surprised). Do you buy local produce?? And where does our oil come from?? They may be affected by these so called fecking ”mechanisms‘ of the EU. Oh yes let’s not forget the subsidies, that we originally pay for (eh?) …. BUT any business worth their salt, will be well ahead of this crap sodding game.

The political posturing will be around for bleddy ages. BUT there will be massive change… so brace yourself my beauties!

And when it’s done…, I hope all of those who were incredible experts on the subject, will then stand for Parliament… and put their fucking ‘money’ where their b’stard mouths are!

Just a Bears ‘umble opinion.

*Ducks back down behind the bleddy parapet with whatever supplies she can get*

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