First (of many) query

So it’s goodbye to January. Or Dry January. Or Veganuary. Wtf is this all about??

I have several queries (or issues) with all of this ‘stuff’ …. as I really don’t understand it. I sort of get it … but don’t honestly see the ruddy necessity.

Firstly, why rename a month? We already have Movemberas a charity fund raiser it’s an acceptable one. I don’t take issue with anything for promoting the need for funds, to aid any research into anything that helps sufferers of chronic diseases .

But then I saw somewhere recently Februdairy. WTF?? I don’t know if that means eat lots of dairy (cheese yum!) or cut it out…. and in truth I’m not bothered either way. I didn’t pursue beyond the title ….. Because it’s all getting a bit bleddy silly.

The media appears goes into some sort of insular promotion frenzy mode … because some bugger came up with a catchy headline. It can apply to absolutely anything nowadays …. especially minority stuff….. Aaah…. lightbulb moment!!! Yes!! To promote some sort of ‘programme’ to get noticed. Of course my middle names are ‘Nice But Dim’ ….

Well … that’s what the media thinks of me ….

We are all gullible and thick as fucking planks aren’t we?? We apparently need these catchy headlines to get our interest. Especially the Sheeples that live by social media. How many times do I see the ‘message’ ….”It’s on social media, so it must me true”. Note: That can be read in two ways … depends on your voice tone and where you put the emphasis.

So that’s that issue ‘sorted’. Yea right.

Now to the content of the said month

Dry January. Ok I see the reasoning for it. New Years resolutions to be healthier being one. Trying to recoup the over expenditure of the festive season being another. But me being the Devils Advocate, there is another side. It affects livelihoods. After a disastrous foray into the pub trade … it was exactly two years ago I threw in the fdcking towel. Why? Because a lot of pubs become like the Marie Celeste in the couple of months after the festivities. And trust me, few make enough profit to see them over the ‘lean’ months, and the interim Valentines Day stuff. Oh yes I know some pubs do … but there isn’t that many! And at the rate they are closing…. an average of 18 a week if the stats are to be believed….. you need to be prepared to travel for that social pub drink. ‘Locals’ will soon be a rarity…. you heard it here first!! Yea right. So anything that actually tells people not to drink alcohol, really doesn’t bleddy help. Many people wouldn’t be arsed to go to the pub on a regular basis to drink lime and soda. Yes, yet again I know there will be fucking exceptions to the rule …. there always is! But, for instance, did you know that trendy real ales only have a very limited ‘shelf life’? If a barrel is not drunk in a 3 to 7 days …, the rest is thrown out?? Hence huge losses are incurred. And in small village pubs, it can be critical. But hey ho. What’s a few wasted pints in the grand scheme of things? Usually it’s some poor part time barmaid/man being laid off. Hmmmm

Oh now let’s ‘have a go’ at Veganuary!’

This got right up my cold and sniffy nose. Not about the vegan issue as such …. but the fact the media (and in particular my fdcking social media) was saturated with veganism. I couldn’t care less what everyone eats. We all have a bleddy choice about what we shove in our every ready open gobs!! I make my choices … sometimes I’m good.. sometimes I’m not! Simples. I’ve often eaten vegetarian and even vegan. By choice …. because they were tasty. Albeit I didn’t label the vegan option as actually vegan. But I am a carnivore by nature. I will not give up my meat for anyone. Millenniums of meat eaters have survived very well thankyou.

One reason for my peeve is that only *1% if the population is vegan. One percent!! How does that warrant a media siege? That wasn’t heightening awareness. That was a blatant bleddy attempt at brainwashing! Where is the actual long term research to back up all the health benefit claims? As a learned and respected friend pointed out earlier …. how many research projects in the last 30 years have been proved wrong? It depends who wrote and sponsored the bleddy thing!!

It took centuries for smoking to be understood as a danger to health. It took decades for some ‘wonder’ medicines to be banned. I won’t go on, because I am sure my follower is intelligent enough to get my drift.

I understand the ethical issues some vegans have. Though, in my eyes I can’t see the sustainability… I am now verging onto dangerous territory I know. But I recently saw an ‘article’ about how all animal farming should be banned! Eh?? If any ethical vegan could tell me how they would deal with all the existing ‘domesticated’ farm animals that currently provide meat the the other 91% (read on for the basis of that figure if you can be arsed) of the population? How they would produce enough of the required plants and pulses in sufficient quantities… without the carbon footprint involved in importation? Farmland is rapidly disappearing as it is. What would happen to the farmers who would not have sufficient land to make enough profit from arable crops?? That’s just a starter for ten. But then … it’s 1%. ONE PERCENT! Even given that we add on the *8% of vegetarians…. there’s a long way to go before any plan they have had to be put into action eh?? Yea right.

Hey ho. Here endeth this chapter. I shall await the endless pointers to various articles. *yawn*

Off for a nice bacon sandwich….

*Percentages taken from an average of all the fdcking information that I have researched and is freely available to anyone on the bleddy Internet

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