Not So Social Media

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Having had a bit of a moan this morning about the shit I see on social media, a friend suggested I should blog, putting my ‘opinion’ out there in an ‘articulate’ way, and letting others make up their minds as to whether to comment…. but herein lies a bleddy problem…. I am far from articulate, I sure ain’t educated or an intellectual ….. I am just a 69 year old ‘Bear’ who has currently been ‘poked’ (and you should never poke a Bear!)…. who is trying to make some sort of sense of this ever changing world….

In all the years of being on social media, and my feeble fecking attempts at blogging various drivel, I have gradually become disillusioned with the bleddy aggressive ‘soapbox’ mentality that is currently rampant. I have always said that I take what I want from social media…. to learn, not only about the world at large…. but myself. I’ve learnt shitloads on both counts. I personally don’t like the way the world at large appears to be heading…. but I am beginning to like who I am….

I’m going to try and put into words that will explain my current mood. It won’t be fecking easy, as another friend points out that the written word is a powerful ‘weapon’….. I have no intention of using it as a weapon….. but as a tool. Those fecking paradoxes are everywhere. Not long after putting up my ‘moaning’ post…. this appeared on my timeline…..

Word of the day

variable noun
A polemic is a very strong written or spoken attack on, or defence of, a particular belief or opinion.

Some of the greatest movers and shakers in history were polemists

We need them, as even if we don’t agree with them they are a catalyst for change and give us food for thought.

To stifle your opinions is not being true to your authentic self

I had to think hard about that bugger….. as can you see the fecking paradox in the meaning?? ‘…..attack, or defence’……. how the hell am I supposed to understand if I am a polemist or not?? I just want to have the freedom to express an opinion…. not using it as a weapon, for defence or attack. I just want to maybe give some food for thought, for those who insist  that  theirs is the only correct opinion….. But it seems to me that the days of an ‘online’ civilised debate are a rarity…..

It seriously pains me to see people I have known for some time, and whom I have had the greatest respect and admiration for, become embroiled in some issue….. whether it is political, ethical, moral, religious and even racist. What the fuck is going on?? Respected people who are being ‘threatened’ for having an opinion. Worse for me, are those respected friends who ‘threaten’ others themselves. Who the fuck has the right to say someone should just ‘go away and die’? Just because they don’t agree with the way they are doing their job…….

Life is far from fucking perfect….. I have had to deal with so much shit, I should have drowned underneath it….. instead I chose to use each pile of shit thrown at me to lift myself up. I chose to survive, despite the bleddy crap…. I took what I needed and left the crap behind, and used that as the next stepping stone. I learnt from my mistakes. I apologised whenever it was required. I hope I never wittingly offended someone with trying to state my opinion. This current ‘trend’ of being brave as a fucking lion on social media, and on the other hand being offended over everything, is seriously getting ridiculously out of hand. Paradox Central.

Note: I am NOT offended…. I am just despairing of where this is all heading …..

There is far too much of the negative, aggressive, bigoted, ill informed vitriol appearing on my timeline, for me to find something worth ‘taking’ to help me learn and grow…. my ‘friends’ list is small…. it is brought into the larger spectrum, by the networks, and ‘friendships’ that we all have….. there could well be some of my friends who will ‘disappear’ from my list…. as I find some of their extended ‘contacts’ behave in an unacceptable manner.

So I am currently in a pissed off state of mind… but thank heavens for those few friends that I can rely on for their wit, talent and awesome fucking sense of humour. These buggers are the only ones worth the sodding effort!

Just as an aside… I know I’m not a politically correct individual…. heaven forbid…… but I do NOT use it as a platform to be abusive, which many who claim to be un’pc’ obviously think is acceptable…..

Fucking paradoxes……

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I have every intention of addressing the issues that are currently pissing me off. I am sure I will be pointed in the direction of endless fecking articles etc., trust me I have been reading them endlessly….. so many contradictions and obvious misconceptions abound!!! When really all I am interested in is what opinion is personally held, ones that have been formed by using our own sodding brain…. not what ‘experts’ tell us…..

It is NOT a crime to think for yourself….. despite what you may be told…..

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