Well I’m blowed!

My gob has been well and truly smacked! On a couple of counts…,

Firstly because I have shown some ‘maturity’ and even a little ‘wisdom’ for once in my life. And I really mean once! It’s not something I’ve been able to recognise in my psyche at any time before. Hell Fire!! The aliens have been an invaded me poor little brain, and all the squirrels and gremlins that busily try and inhabit me cerebral space, are lying in a corner with gin and Valium! How can this happen?? Because before making my opinions public, and sounding off like the Bishop’s Rock foghorn…

I checked the facts!!

Now I’m not sure why I did this, but bleddy glad I did. So it seems I am starting to practice what I preach, ‘Don’t pass judgement on something/someone without knowing what you’re talking about, either by your own experiences, or by thorough research’….

So let me explain….

I have said before that I don’t actively search out news. If something is important enough, there are plenty if ways of being informed without spending my money, or precious time in reading/listening/watching the sensationalism, scaremongering, ill informed shite that invades a lot of the media nowadays. I am better for it… my little world is calmed and less fraught that many others. It works for me ….. so

Yesterday I was working away on my laptop, continuing my first round of *fckingbleddyedit* of my completed book …. local radio on playing average toons…. nothing too much to distract from the task in hand. Regulate traffic updates amused occasionally… happy to be out of the sodding rat race for the majority of my time. I usually zone out on the news bulletins…. but on the hour, every hour there is a repeat of the latest ‘horrors’ that afflict the outside world. It suddenly dawned on me there was a feature on…… electric shock treatment for mental health issues. Really? I thought that was a huge no no. That it was a sadistic treatment that was disgraced decades ago! WTF??

I am of the age where ‘that sort of thing’ was an experimental treatment… that spectacularly went tits up! People reacted in horrific ways, became vegetables or even died! The use of medication was then implemented to assist with the control of symptoms. Some medications were then phased out as science and knowledge improved. Add to that and the unforgettable book The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, and the film One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest illustrated the horrors of the treatment…

Or that’s what I thought….

The news item was about a woman who reacted badly to the treatment in 2018!! What? My immediate reaction was anger that the treatment is still available. I was never, at any point during my bouts of severe depression, made aware that this still continued. I stewed on this for most of the evening … and then dismissed it as another fdcking load of media bollocks! End of.

Deciding not to comment at all was the only way. What the fuck do I know anyway… except for my ‘experience’ of the facts in the 70’s.

But out a’wandering and a’pondering this morning, my brain continued whirring… constantly asking myself “Does this really still happen?” So back home to the trusted interwebby thing …. I read a shitload of articles …. fucking hell! What an insight. Some if it I thought was crap, some far too scientific for my poor braincell … but one article in particular made a shitload of sense. Written in words even an aged thick old Bear could understand. It was about ECT Electroconvulsive Therapy written by Alex Riley for BBC Future on the 3rd of May 2018. Himself a ‘sufferer’ of mental health issues….

So I take back my anger and indignation…. I am better informed, I now know a bit more…. but I cannot comment, as for me the jury is still out. There are some positive benefits, and good arguments for the treatment. For me the old stigma remains.

For once the ‘news’ served a purpose … for me to find the facts before opening my big opinionated gob!

That’s a fucking first!!

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