Just a ‘quickie’

Whilst eating one of my favourite light lunches, I was reminded of a lovely lady that was a regular in the drapers store that I ‘served my time’ in…. many many years ago…. (the 1960’s to be a little more informative)…..

This lady loved her fashion clothes, and was a frequent ‘browser’. One day she tried on a beautiful wool coat, with a luxurious fur collar. (Long before being politically incorrect…. before anyone gets bleddy offended!). It was quite expensive, and beyond her usual budget. But she thought long and hard…. and then asked us to ‘put it by’ for a day. A little concerned about doing so without any deposit, we politely enquired if she would definitely be returning for it. She flicked her bleach blonde hair…. beamed her lovely red lips into a dazzling smile, then said…..

“Oh yes my ansum …. I shall go home and make love to the old man … and give him beans on toast for afters”

She came back the next day. Some memories are fdcking unforgettable!!

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